Wedding FAQ


Wedding fact, questions and answers

Q – Do you charge a travel fee?

A – For weddings only, I charge a $50 travel fee if I have to travel from my Redcliffe (North Brisbane) based studio.


Q – Do you supply albums?

A – Yes albums are a separate charge to your package. I have not added albums to my packages for not all clients want an album. I have a separate page about my albums which explains sizing and prices.


Q – How many images will I receive?

A – This is a question that is often asked. I do not have a set amount of images that I supply to my clients. Basically I shoot all day and you will receive all you images that I take.


Q – Do you visit the location of the ceremony before hand?

A – If I have not worked on the location before I will most certainly arrange to have a look as long as the location is not too far away. This is so I can make sure I have a clear picture in mind of what equipment I will need. It also allows me to have an idea of how and where I can shoot on the day.


Q – Where do I travel to?

A – I will travel anywhere between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. I also love destination weddings but just ask that all travel expenses are covered.


Q – Do I need to meet with you?

A – I do recommend meeting with you if this is a possible. This allows us to discuss all details about your wedding in a personal and relaxed way. By discussing your big day together allows us to make sure we have have a clear understanding of what is required, so I can work with you to capture every image you want.


Q – Do you work with an assistant?

A – No I do not work with an assistant. I am very experienced and organised. I have never felt like I need to work with anyone and have managed to capture hundreds of weddings by myself.


Q – What do you wear?

A- I wear clothing that is comfortable to work in yet appropriative for your wedding dress code. Most of the time I will wear long pants and a semi-formal top with flat heals. This type of clothing allows me to be on the move. I wear flat heals so I am stable on my feet for shooting.


Q – Where are you located?

A – I am located In Redcliffe on Brisbane’s Northside.


Q – Will you stay longer on the day if required?

A – If I have no other plans and can stay later than expected I will. I charge $150 per hr for every hr needed extra. You will be billed for the extra time after your wedding.